We are looking for an experienced WebExpert to join our team. An expert that strives for efficiency by aligning data systems with business goals. A strong tech professional that loves to create algorithms and conduct statistical analysis.

The position

A WebExpert builds and maintains data crawling systems, makes sure that we find what we are looking for and is responsible for the quality of the data. As our WebExpert you will implement methods to improve data reliability and quality, and combine raw information from different sources to create consistent and machine-readable formats. You will also develop and test architectures that enable data extraction and transformation for predictive or prescriptive modeling. You will be working closely with both our Data Team and Tech team.

To succeed in this WebExperting position, you should have strong technical skills and the ability to combine data from different sources. WebExpert skills also include familiarity with several programming languages and knowledge of learning machine methods.

If you are detail-oriented, with excellent organizational skills and experience in this field, we’d love to hear from you.

WebExpert roles and responsibilities include:

  • Improving data quality and efficiency

  • Understand, improve and maintain the current crawling infrastructure

  • Devise new methods and techniques for data crawling

  • Evaluate business needs and objectives from data perspective

  • Research and develop tooling with the Data Team

  • Understand Data team challenges and come forth with solutions to meet them


  • Previous experience as a WebExpert or in a similar role

  • Understanding of web technologies and protocols: HTTP, SPAs, Proxies, VPNs

  • Proficient in at least one programming language and

  • Understanding of basic scraping techniques and tools: XPath, RegEx, scraping frameworks

  • Great numerical and analytical skills

It would be great if you check out these boxes as well

  • Previous work with scraping tools like Scrapy, Puppeteer, Selenium, Headless browsers etc

  • Docker

  • Inclination towards system design

  • Java, Python


Our techies are located in Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway and Cluj, Romania. This time we try to hire primarily from Helsinki. A good cultural fit is the most important attribute for this role. Our virtual workplace enables a team member to employ a self-motivated, disciplined, highly responsive approach in achieving team success.

Apply now

Enquiries: Iulia Druta – iulia.druta@legentic.com

Applications: jobs@legentic.com