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Open web is an abundant source of research data. Twitter, Facebook, discussion forums and other social media content allows you to research the consumers or the society. Additionally, for example, job ads, press releases or corporate home pages allow research on businesses.

Do not waste you time while collecting research data from the web. We provide you an easy to use exploration tool and the possibility to download data for research.

High coverage

High coverage guarantees a large sample size

High quality

High quality and correct data allows you to focus on research

Historical archive

Historical archive allows research of past events

Data for research

Futusome is a company specialised in collecting, structuring and enriching open web data. We collect, for example, social media posts, news, press releases, job ads, corporate home pages and classified ads. We’re constantly adding more datasets.

High quality and coverage

For research purposes you need large sample sizes and good quality data. We guarantee that our data will meet your demands. You can also access our historical archive or data that is no longer available online through our search UI or API.

Accessing data using UI or API

You can access our data both by using an easy to use UI for ad hoc search or by setting up an integration with an API. Exploring the data beforehand with the UI allows you to make sure there’s enough data available for a research project. Warning! You might come up with new ideas while exploring.

Collecting data from the web is usually the most time consuming part of the research. Don’t waste your time doing it. Focus on research.

Sonja Baer

Business Development Director

+358 40 173 7123

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