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Data for

Futusome’s interfaces (API and UI) provide open web data to you in an easily accessible and structured form. Instead of scraping the web yourself you can focus on analysing the data and providing value to your customers.

Easy to use

It only takes a few minutes to integrate our easy to use APIs

Rich data

We provide the data in structured form and provide additional enrichments you can use

High coverage

High data coverage guarantees that you can use the data for analysis and applications

Don't waste your valuable time scraping the web

We are constantly looking for partners in different industries. Our partners typically use our data to build new products or features to provide additional value to their end customers. Open web data is already being used in, for example, media monitoring, customer insight, marketing, communication and b2b sales applications. The range of applications for open web data is huge. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s find out if web data is useful for your customers.

Our high quality and high coverage datasets enable easy and quick prototyping as well as continuous integration. We collect the web for, for example:

  • Social media discussions – People are constantly discussing online in, for example, social media platforms, discussion forums, blogs and comment sections of news. We collect and structure social media discussion data for you from multiple channels. Social media discussions are alerady being used, for example, in media monitoring, competitor analytics, consumer analytics and research.
  • Corporate home pages – Businesses are actively updating their home pages. They publish, for example, contact information, new product lines and company descriptions on their own pages. Many corporations also maintain a blog or link to social media. The corporate home pages are useful for, for example, generating b2b leads or analysing businesses.
  • Classified ads – We collect online classified ads. The ads are useful when you want to analyse, for example, prices or consumer segments.
  • Job ads – Online job ads are useful when you need to know who is hiring what kind of work force. You can do, for example, competitor analysis or research of the jobs market as a whole with the job ads data. We collect online job ads from multiple different sites.
  • News – We collect online news.
  • Press Releases – We collect press releases.

We collect the data for you, so that you don’t have to. You can access the data using our HTTP-APIs. The data is available in CSV or JSON format and we provide you an easy to use graphical interface that helps you with the integration. Our powerful search engine allows you to define a filter to access only the data that is relevant for you.

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