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Classified ads are full of relevant information for better insurance claims decisions. Historical pricing and condition for cars and other insured items, to name a few.

Relevant classified ads are difficult to find. Google sometimes works but with low hit rate. Searching through numerous classified ads sales sites requires high effort and low reward.

Futusome Data for Insurance helps. A manual tool for car inspectors, claims handlers and fraud investigators. An API for claims automation and analytics. We take care of classified ads data collection and make searching ads quick and easy where and when insurers need it.

High coverage and quality data

High coverage and quality classified ads archive provides valid information for a large number of claims.

Easy and quick to use

Easy to use search Tool fits daily routines of car inspectors, claims handlers and investigators.

Integration to automation via API

Relevant classified ads are linked to claims in high volume via claims automation and fraud analytics.

Classified ads data helps to make better claims decisions

Consumers and companies sell used items such as cars and electronics in classified ads sites all over internet. Classified ads typically contain description of the items for sale and their condition, as well as an asking price and information on seller. The same information is helpful in making an insurance claim decision, if the item will be later connected with an insurance claim.

In a nutshell this is what Futusome Data for insurance is all about. We continuously search for classified ads from a large number of websites. We enrich and structure the ads data so that it is easily available for and found by our insurance customers where and when they need it.

Classified ads help make better and faster claims decisions. Some practical examples of use cases for insurers:

  • Vehicle inspection. An inspector searches Futusome for a price and condition of a car from a time before a crash and a related insurance claim. The information helps the inspector give a better estimate on the value of the car before the damage.
  • Investigation. An insurance investigator suspects fraud related to a claim with a stolen phone. The investigator searches Futusome and finds out his customer is selling the phone online, giving further evidence to build a case.
  • Claims automation. A claims system connected to Futusome classified ads API goes through a high volume of incoming vehicle claims and picks those claims that meet certain predefined conditions and require claims handler to take a closer look at them. Examples of such conditions are potentially incorrect claim amounts, or existing damages that require special attention.




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