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Data Trainee

Job description​

Futusome is company that collects public and open online data. We make that data more readily available for our customers. Maintaining good quality data requires maintenance of crawlers – automated bots that browser the internet to get the data.

We are looking for Data Trainees to join our data team.

  • To be successful in a Data Trainee position at Futusome, you will need a basic understanding of how the Internet works – that is, you should be familiar with the concepts of http requests/responses, html markup language, CSS and javascript
  • Data Trainee position is an entry level position @Futusome meaning that there will be a limited amount of coding involved with the position. However, the position can be used as a very good stepping stone to developer / data science positions at Futusome as you become intimately familiar with the one of the most valuable assets in the company – the data we collect.
  • The job consists mostly of configuring old and new crawlers: We collect data from the Internet and we do the data collection using web crawlers. Most of the crawlers are collecting data using a site (or domain) specific set of rules. Those rules need to be maintained for us to be able to provide our customers with quality data.
  • The job can be either part time or full time.
  • The job can be done either on site at the office or remotely from home.
  • Starting salary for a full time position is 2500EUR/mth