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What can I do with web data?

We believe in the power of data to drive AI, analytics and everyday decision making.

Web data is an underutilized asset because it is too messy to be used in applications.

We acquire, clean and enrich open web data so you don’t have to.

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Data is everyone’s business

Futusome is a company founded on the love of data. The purpose of our existence is to bring the value of web data available to everyone.

Valuable web data is wasted if no-one is able to utilise it. This is the core of everything we do: we make the difficult easy to use, the complicated comprehensible and the inaccessible attainable. This process is technically so demanding, that very few can do it. We can, it is our job and our passion.

We make data futusome.

Client uses data


to train AI


in analytics


to support Decision making

Futusome delivers



The more enrichments there are the more usable the data is for different applications.



Structuring the web data allows usage is many places. Cleaning irrelevant mess and extracting meta data makes the data Futusome.



Discovering relevant data sources is hard. Moreover setting up a system that continuously collects data in an intelligent way is laboursome and costly.

Unstructed and messy web data